Day 4 Week 19 – The Heat Is On

11/03/2014 – 9 AM run, cloudy, 3.3 mile warm up, 2 x 2 miles at 8:00 pace with 3 minute rest, 3.3 mile cool down

I felt comfortable with the tempo runs today but was surprised by my splits which were as follows: 8:16, 7:57, 7:49, 7:59.  My pace was a bit fluctuating, largely a result of my wondering mind or chalked it to tapering jitters.

10 days to Harrisburg Marathon and 5 days to the U.S. Election.  Some may be surprised by how quickly time flew, others may feel not fast enough.  Matter of perspectives.  For me that’s 10 more days of preparation – I prefer to be grounded in the present and not worry much about the past or the future.

For the candidates, this final week is race to the finish.  Lots time and money are being poured into the battleground districts/ States with the help of Big Data called targeted analytics. Campaign appearances, political ads,  grass root outreaches are being strategically allocated to maximize their return on the investment.

Lastly, happy to report that I was featured on the Elysha Lenkin’s blog ( talking about my experience in running marathons. Click here for the interview.

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