Day 7 Week 19 – Week In Review (6 Nov 2016)

11/6/2016 – rest day, total 43 miles for the week

The week before U.S. general election, my mind is gripped by the developments of this most shocking campaign in American history. And so as reflected in my posts.  Maybe the politics is never for the faint of heart, and its negative aspects has always existed.  Just that with the help of the internet and social media, the dirt are now readily exposed.

Sometimes, truth hurts.  The American political systems, the beacon of democracy for the freedom around the world, has its shortcomings.  Which points to rooms for improvement. But it is still by far the best comparing to the other choices.  Therefore, important to point out that each voter is faced with the decision to vote.  And each can certainly make a difference.

Besides the election, my marathon training is progressing well.  Only one more week before my Harrisburg marathon.  Any nervous energy I may have toward the race are absorbed by the political drama.  While feeling for the candidates, I am glad that the election is a blessed distraction for me.

In case you missed my interview with Elysha about why I run marathons, click here.

Have a great week.

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