Day 6 Week 20 – Harrisburg, PA

11/12/2016 – marathon eve, arrived at Harrisburg, PA., the state capital and where my 20 weeks of marathon training will be officially completed tomorrow.

The logistic for this race is easy.  Harrisburg is about 2 hour drive from Washington, DC.  Bib picked up at the City Island, the starting point for tomorrow’s race. There was no line.  In and out – a plus in running a small marathon.

Brandon, fellow SRC runner, is running with me tomorrow.  Very glad to have his company. Whether it’s the carpool, dinner, or marathon, better to have someone sharing the experience with.

Our hotel is a block and a half from the City Island and on the same street as the race finish.  All within walking distance.  This will give us plenty of time in the morning to get ready and the convenience of walking back afterwards.

On top of that, tomorrow forecast is ideal marathon weather: sunny & the temperatures will be in the low 40s at the start (8 AM) and gradually climb up to mid 5os by noon.

Can’t ask anything better.



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