Post Marathon Break

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We take breaks so we can keep executing what we love.  The breaks are transitional but necessary parts of the whole.  Whether racing, running, living, or whatever the goal maybe, no one can sustain performance without breaks.

How we choose to make the breaks and integrate them into the overall tapestry of our live is up to us.  But the quality of the transitions affects the end results and marks the distinction between average and excellent outcomes.

“….The music happens between the notes.…”~Isaac Stern

For the past 20 weeks, I had been training for the Aspire Harrisburg marathon.  And as the race happened yesterday, my training is over.  While I may reflect on my marathon performance in future posts, my priority is to take care of my injured left foot so to gain my mobility back and pivot my energy toward my family.

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas soon after, I look forward to spending more time with family and relatives.

How do you take breaks from your life?


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