In Whom Do We Trust?

The result of the 2016 election proved that many of us are out of touch – we don’t know where this country is really at.  Worse yet, we felt being let down. The apparent shock, anger, and denial in the forms of demonstration or protest still linger across the country one week after the election.

Human emotions not withstanding, there is a fundamental issue of misplaced trust. Many of the “leaders” we trusted such as politicians, media, pollsters or other “experts are just as out of touch.  After all, we expect the leaders to lead, to tell the truth, and to stay informed. Otherwise, they are guilty of misleading the people or, at least, incompetent in their jobs.

Politicians pay the price of losing their elections for being out of touch.  What about the media? Mainstream media were just as surprised by the election outcomes. Some of them were embarrassed by their own biased reporting, throwing traditional journalistic standards out of the window.

So people turned to the internet or social media for alternative sources of information. And guess what?  They encountered the so called faked news sites that manipulate the mass for presumably personal gain.

Do we now have to perform the fact checking, verification of sources, etc. all the traditional responsibilities of the journalists?  In whom do we trust?

How do you determine the reliability of your information? by source like the government, big name media, or faith organizations? 

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2 Responses to In Whom Do We Trust?

  1. I had always looked to the media- like the NYT for accurate information. But yes- this was a huge slap in the face on so many levels.


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