Self Love, How Do I Show It? Part 3

Two freaky events happened to me last week: One. I was surprised by Trump winning the U.S. presidential election and  Two. I did not finish my marathon race for the first time due to a foot injury.

While I could wallow in anger and suffer in self-pity, I choose a different path.  A path of self love.  Why?

No sense to beat myself up for things already happened or beyond my control.  Rather, I accept what happened (which is different from agreeing with) and devote my time to more positive avenues.

After all, thing happens.

Call it self compassion or love, I refuse to be drawn into a blaming or divisive mentality. Nothing good will ever come from that deed.

I am not going to blame Mr. Trump for winning the White House nor myself for the injury during the race.  I have much better use of my time.  Plus, I think both of us deserve a chance to do the right things.

Do you believe in compassion? Toward oneself? And others?

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2 Responses to Self Love, How Do I Show It? Part 3

  1. Thank you for this! I have been learning similar lessons. Being drawn into divisiveness and hate will help neither me nor the world. Thank you for this reminder.


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