Fear For What?

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In our ancestry time, fear kept people alive.  Fear taught us about dangers and survival, by staying away from the dangers.  Civilization has transformed this basic instinct into a predominantly negative energy.  It makes us hesitant, unsure, and ultra-conservative.

Nothing wrong with being cautious, aware, and managing risks, they are prudent practices in navigating through our lives.  But when the fear paralyzes us without real justifications, we are digressing and held back by our own irrational thoughts.

Just think, if survival is at stake, there is no time for fear.  Is there? No, no, no.  No time for that.  We would do what is necessary and instinctual of fight or flight to survive. Dwelling on fear is counter productive and only compounds the problem.

So let’s put fear in the proper context.  Is there real justification to worry or are we just scared?

“….the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.…”~Franklin D. Roosevelt

How do you face fear?

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