2016 Election Lessons Learned?

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Ten days after the U.S. presidential election the emotion is still raw.  Too much have been spoken, revealed, and demonstrated by the nasty campaign.  Opposing ideologies, social economical differences, and emotional biases manifested in open wounds, deep scars, and unabashed divisions loom large over the nation.

Some calls for healing – healing for the parties, the people, and the country!  After all we are the United States.  But “healing” without real understanding amounts to a political whitewash that only sweeps the dirt under our collective rug.  No real learning can result.

Furthermore, it is not the job of one or two individuals to re-unite the country, a tall order if not an impossible one. Any reconciliation requires the participation from all of us. Democracy is the responsibility  of its citizens and demands the involvement of everyone.

Let’s start the dialog by using every means, including the social media which was instrumental in bringing about the change, to continue this process. It is an opportunity that can become a movement.  Perhaps we can truly learn something good as a country.

What have you learned from the 2016 Election?

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