Still nursing my left foot this week. I forgo running and, instead, practice my other favorite – yoga.  While it is a day-by-day slow process, I am able to increase my weight gradually onto my foot.

Healing takes time.  But in hindsight, perhaps my foot injury is a blessing in disguise. This is why I said that:

The tenderness in my left foot forces me to pay attention and be deliberate in the movements of each yoga poses.  In so doing, I rediscover the “zen” in practicing yoga.  Which is the mind-body connection that often is taken for granted or sacrificed for expediency.

Subtle details overlooked while in auto-pilot or mindless motion are the nuances that ease transition and alignment.  It could be a breath, an angle, or a thought that makes the difference.  No forcing nor pain. Only rejuvenation when the mind and body get to work in harmony.


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