On Enjoying Life

Universally, everyone wants to enjoy life.

But how one approaches this lofty goal differs tremendously.  Take eating for instance. Binge eating. Savoring. Health centered. Just to name a few different approaches.  What drives the variation has a lot to do with one’s definition of enjoyment.  Is it quantity, quality, or both?

As for myself, I prefer the simple pleasure in life.  Warm sunshine on my face or gentle rain drops on my head while running gives me joy.  Life of excess is not my thing.  More is not necessary better.  The right quantity at the right time with the right people means more to me.

Especially on the account that today is Thanksgiving day, I appreciate my family, relatives, and all the kindness I receive, even from strangers.  Hope you enjoy it in your very own way!

How do you enjoy life? in moderation, spurt, or else?

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