Black Friday & White Knuckles

Black Friday is the start of the U.S. holiday shopping season.  Being not a shopping person, I was persuaded to take a plunge to check out this infamous busiest shopping day in America.  And the experience was a white knuckle ride.

Perhaps I was guilty of misjudging the magnitude of the Black Friday.   You see, I visited the Best Buy store on the night before.  Strolling through the store after our Thanksgiving dinner, the atmosphere was calmer than I anticipated.  Yes, there were people but it was not crowded.  Pretty relaxed.  That was yesterday – Black Friday Eve. Today was a completely different story.

First, it started with the traffic to the shopping center.  Cars lined up by the parking lot entrance waiting to enter. Some folks parked their cars far away and walked.  It was chaotic to say the least.  Cars were parked everywhere – on the grass, double parked.  The otherwise unexciting parking lot became a hunger game where people were competing for the parking spaces.

And that was before we even set foot in the store.  Some stores controlled the volume of shoppers by holding a waiting queue outside.  And other stores had scenarios paralleled the chaos in the parking lot. Long lines at check out, merchandises were everywhere, and everyone was holding onto whatever bargain deals they got.  The whole scene made the Black Friday Eve pale by comparison.

To be fair, the Black Friday bargains were quite astonishing.  Signs for 50% to 70 % off store-wide were commonplace.  People were hauling bags and bagful of goods out of the stores into their cars.  It was an induction to the Black Friday that truly opened my eyes.

Did you partake in the shopping festivity of Black Friday? 

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