Path Of Least Resistance

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Sometimes life throws us challenges.  Temptation is to take the path of least resistance.  Why make life more difficult than it is?

The path of least resistance may seem to be a natural choice.  After all, chain breaks at its weakest link, and water flows to the lowest point.  Why shouldn’t we take the path of least resistance to make our life easier?

The problem lies in what is easy may not always be right.  When taking the path of least resistance, we stop growing.  Because our ability develops from meeting and overcoming challenges.

The moment when we cease to challenge ourselves, when we seek the easy way out, status quo sets in.  And over time we become complacent or worse, obsolete.  Therefore, the most efficient answer is not necessarily the most effective one.

The ease of comfort is one degree away from complacency. Sticking to what we know rather than exploring what we don’t leads to incrementalism and even apathy.” ~ Katya Andresen

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