A Good Cry?

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Feeling like a good cry?  Why not.  Go for it.

You see that pent up emotion needs relief.  Otherwise, it is bad news for all.  Many times it comes out negative as anger, or worse, as violence against person or property.  Better to channel our emotions in more constructive ways.  And that is what I get from a “good cry.”

First, let me be clear that I am not a cry baby.  And I rarely cry.

In fact, never known to be an emotional person, I keep my emotion pretty tightly in check. After all, a man is not supposed to cry (at least not in public).  But once in a while I will let loose and have a good cry, in private of course.  It is cathartic.

Typically after reading a touching human story, particularly those from real life, I get moved to tears.  My heartstrings get plucked and wetness starts to well up in my eyes. I get drawn into the characters, their ordeals, and struggles they endured.

And the best part about a good cry is its emotional release.  Afterwards, I feel calmer, less stressed, and more hopeful for humanity.  These human stories remind me in spite of all the rituals and cultural norms, we are human beings first with feelings.

When was the last time you had a good cry?  How did it feel?

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