Everybody Needs Somebody

No person is an island (updated from the original). Although I must admit, it is a sexy idea to own an island.

This concept is not new but definitely worth repeating. Why did Bernie Sanders joined the Democratic Party? Or for that matter, Donald Trump probably would not have been successful in the White House bid without the Republican Party completely (although Donald may beg to differ).

We all need somebody.  Can’t do it alone.

This is why I joined the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE).  Never heard of the NARFE?  Neither did I until just a few years before I retired from the government.  NARFE’s mission are as follows:

To support legislation beneficial to current and potential federal annuitants and to oppose legislation contrary to their interests.

To promote the general welfare of current and potential federal annuitants by advising them with respect to their rights under retirement laws and regulations.

To cooperate with other organizations and associations in furtherance of these general objectives.

And I am glad that I joined.

NARFE’s focus on federal annuitants provides the information I needed to prepare for my retirement (tips and guides in addition to the my HR department) and information that I had little clues like the medicare, social security, and other legislative issues that are being debated on the Capital Hill that are useful after I retired.

Who else would look out for me? Remember – everybody needs somebody.

What are your key relationships? How are you taking care them? Or not?  If not, why not?

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