For Love of The Job

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People say they love their jobs.  Yeah right!  The litmus test I say is asking if they would do the job for free.  Call me a cynic if you will.  I would only believe if their answer ‘yes’ to that question.

As president-elect Trump’s choices for his Cabinet get announced one by one, it became clear to me that these folks love what they are nominated to do.  Just like their boss, the president-elect Trump, they are taking their jobs not for free but with a severe pay reduction.

The list of nominees thus far is impressive.  It includes the wealthiest citizens this country has to offer.  So called the  1%.   None of them needs the money.  That I am convinced. And their willingness to serve says to me that it’s the love of the job motivated them.

What a way to pick your team!

Is there a dream job that you love so much that you would do it for little or no money?

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5 Responses to For Love of The Job

  1. Chiara says:

    I do it already. Writing!


    • terryshen says:

      And you do it with passion,Chiara. Never give that up. Each of us has so much to tell, and yet few bothers to take the time to articulate them. We lost; we found; all in the confined between our two ears. Thanks for stopped by and shared.

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  2. I love my job and have done it for free, when I took on “pro bono” clients to build my portfolio. I also complete editing and social media projects for family and friends on occasion without charging. I LOVE what I do 🙂


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