Mission Near Impossible?

“Notice but don’t judge,” says the meditation teacher.

That is like get the ice cream but don’t eat it.  Notice but DON’T judge. Is that really possible?

Don’t get me wrong, awareness is good.  So much life happens without our noticing.  Just opening our senses can open the world around us and make us more alive.  The teacher is absolutely right-on-target with her advise.

It’s the second part that is troublesome for me, if no one else.

Haven’t you seen the sign at airports, malls, or other public spaces,  “See something, Say something” ?  Once our attention is focused (noticing), our mind becomes locked and loaded (judging).  It is ready to go.  Almost automatically.

Not saying people jump to conclusions.   But the sound in your head, full of analyses and evaluations, is your brain’s way  saying that is what you get once you woke it up.  Don’t judge is actually hard work and non-intuitive.

It is almost as if we have to detach half of our brain, the analytical half and the part we have been conditioned since childhood, to stop from making inferences or judging.

“Yes, Detachment . . .” the meditation teacher continues.

Could you keep neutrality on subjects or persons that are dear to you?

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