Path of Least Resistance, part 2

We stop growing if all we do is taking the easy way out.  That is what I wrote in my previous post on this topic.

What’s so big deal about growing? you may be wondering.  Aren’t most people already beyond their growth age and busy making a living?  I would agree indeed if we are only talking about physical growth.

But life is more.  Other dimensions like emotional, spiritual, or mental growth continue only if we so choose.  And I would argue that to enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying life, we must.

What we are talking about is investing in ourselves.

Take road less traveled, reach out to neglected relationship, or pursue dream of passion. These are choices that can challenge us and make us grow. Guaranteed they are not paths of least resistance.  But the quest to fulfillment can only be achieved if we go beyond our comfort zone.

Do you believe that easy life is an oxymoron and short lived?  


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