Be Careful What You Ask For

Christmas is still three weeks away, so cheering for a Happy New Year may seem premature.  Regardless what your holiday wish maybe, one thing is for sure – a Happy New Year is definitely presumptive given the outcome from the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Why being a Scrooge? You ask.  After all, American election has served as a bulwark of Democracy world over.  Never mind the calls for recounts, voter frauds, or system tampering, the 2016 election is in the book.  Peaceful transition is in progress.  And comes January, a new President will be in the White House.

No doubt. The American people have spoken, and they collectively asked for change.  The question however is will it be be a change or a revolution? No one knows.  And yes, the U.S. Constitution has ensured a checks and balances system within the government.  But if it is change we want, how will we “Make America Great again?”

By the way, what does Great mean? And by what standard?  Little substances were revealed during this campaign.  Given Mr. Trump has no prior experience in government service, it is hard to tell. So far, in less than a month from wining the election, Mr. Trump has demonstrated that he is not bounded by established protocol or tradition.

Here are a few examples how he is bucking the system:  the First Family will not live in the White House,  Secretary of Defense will be a recent military retiree, President Trump will get involved as he directly negotiated a deal to keep jobs from going overseas.  Not saying these examples are good or bad but only different.

So stay tune.  Will 2017 be a happy new year? Only time will tell.

What is your prediction or hope for the new year?

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