Week In review – 4 Dec 2016

This week I resumed running, 3 weeks after I injured my foot at Harrisburg Marathon. Short distances to slowly transition back my normal self before I become too fat or lazy. Ran 2 miles on Monday, 3 and 6 miles on Friday and Saturday.

My serendipitous downtime from running humbled me.  My fitness from the twenty weeks of marathon training did not make me invincible.  The slow recovery process highlighted the importance of our health and the prevalence of our vulnerability.

While on the topic of transition, president-elect Trump’s team has been busy at work.  8 nominees to his Cabinet has been announced.  Quite impressive given it has been less  than a month since the election.  And it demonstrates the efficiency of Trump’s team and perhaps a sign of his administration directions to come.

Never fear.  Worst comes worst, I can always use a good cry.

Have a good week.

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