Stand For What You Believe

As I listened to the Edward Snowden interview with Katie Couric, “this is profile in courage,” I said to myself.

Who in their right mind would want to risk of becoming a fugitive and enemy of the State?  Not a Hollywood stunt but for real.  In fact, what Snowden did could cause him to lose far greater than average person can even imaging.

Regardless if one agrees with Snowden’s action or not, two points are apparent:  (1) he believed, and still does, in the cause of his action, and (2) he did it not for personal gain.

According to Snowden, the American people have a need to know what their government is doing in secrecy under the guise of national security.  Particularly if the government is violating individual’s rights.

Of course the personal choice Snowden took in spite of the potential consequences does not sit well with the establishment.  But it certainly makes him a courageous person.

How much are you willing to stand up for what you believe?

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