A Cold Duck Day

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The rain started early.   It was a light mist when I went for a jog early this morning. Barely got my hair wet.  Around mid-day, the mist had become drizzle and then rain later.  And the rain has not stopped.

The ground went from being damp, to pools of water, to just plain wet.  If you want to keep your feet dry, don’t go out.  Unless you have to, like the mail man.  Be prepared.  Because the rain never stopped.

On top of the wetness is the chill.  Ushered in by the dampness, it makes my feet and hands shiver between the heat and cold.  Where are my covers?  It looks like the rain will not stop.

Today is a great day, for ducks.  Otherwise, stay in and leave the mails in the mailbox.

What would you do on a cold duck day?

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