Humble Pie

The 2016 election goes down in U.S. history as one of the major busts for the media and news reporting.  While “things happen,” enough humble pies to the so called political experts, opinion leaders, and the media are in order for how the election was reported.

Granted, in this era of Big Data, confusions abound.  False news, media spins and campaign accusations tend to muddle the picture. Statistics and numbers were being presented as facts by less scrupulous people.

Difficult if not impossible for average person to ascertain the validity of any these claims. Let alone if the “professionals” that are supposed to be neutral are singing the similar tune. Conspiracy it was not.  Wish it was only that simple.

What happened?  Confirmation bias, group think, or something else?

No more business as usual.  Until we find the answer, the pundits and media circuses deserve to eat humble pies. Because they have eroded the trust bestowed on them by the public.

Do you think the media should apologize to their audiences for a failing grade on reporting the 2016 election?

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