What’s Real? Part 2

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Is perception reality (Part 1 here)? People often behave based on their perception of what is real, not reality itself.

Case in point is the “Pizzagate” of late where a fake news story led a man with an assault rifle to a pizzeria investigating a child sex ring that allegedly ran by Hillary Clinton. Yes, the Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee.

Human behaviors are complex.  We differ in our experiences, values,  and perceptions, among others.  So it is plausible different people would react differently to the same story. For example, President-elect Trump is notorious for his wee hours tweets.

Particularly, social media now-a-days is like the new word of mouth.  News, fact or fiction, gets spread with lightning speed via the social media.  Unfortunately, not everyone is scrupulous when it comes to the use of this new tool.

Fact checking notwithstanding, one rule of thumb should be that words and thoughts deal with perception, not reality.

How do you discern information from your social media or other online sources?

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2 Responses to What’s Real? Part 2

  1. I base the information on the source. I have certain people / sites I trust, and others I know nothing about. But it is getting stranger and stranger as we move into this post-truth reality.

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  2. Ross Wiltshire says:

    One method I use is a “Does this even make sense?” When reading news. Pizzagate did not even remotely make sense. At all. But so many people believed it and unfortunately they act on it often. Sad.


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