Trump’s Promises

Before you flip out on seeing the post’s title, let me just say that news media & social network are going to help us, the public, keeping the president-elect accountable.

With all the uncertainties about what Trump is going to do next year after he gets into the White House, here is a plan he laid out in October.  It is called the “Contract with the American Voter.”  Given it was released on 22 October, a little over two weeks prior to the 2016 Election, the plan represented the trump card from the Trump’s campaign.

In fact, Trump has signed it.

As such, numerous fact checking already have been at work on this Contract (see one from the National Public Radio).  But what interesting is Glenn Kessler, a columnist at the Washington Post has developed a tracker to monitor the 60 promises listed in this 100 day action plan after Trump is sworn in to the office.

This is a step in the right direction for the news media and social network to keep the public informed and guarantee interests for the days and months to come.

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