Predictions for 2017, Anyone?

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Typically around this time of the year, lots of self grandiose articles espousing about the future appear.  They serve as interesting or entertaining reads to me.  I have given up my crystal ball long ago.

But in the spirit of “how wrong can predictions be” (aka. the 2016 U.S. Election), I will join the fray and throw in my “Top 5” for the new year:

  1. Trump will surprise us – he got elected unprecedentedly, so will his performance in the White House.  Not a value judgement, just a prediction
  2. Millennial will revolt – looking for their seats at the table, this next wave will leverage technology to challenge and elbow the boomers aside for control and decision making
  3. Economy will sputter – not to be pessimistic but the uncertainties, mentioned above, may create opportunities, but only for the few like the 1%.  The rest of us will not be as fortunate
  4. Expectations will falter – Just because we can does not mean we will.  Expect to swim alone and get less cooperation from others.  For example, civility. Just saying
  5. We will survive – this I am sure

Have a prediction for next year?  Feel free to jump in.

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