“Frozen” In Washington

Not the Disney On Ice, but we got a National Weather Service hazardous weather warning last night for the Baltimore, Md and Washington D.C. area.

The NWS forecasted sleet and freezing rain for this morning.  And sure enough when I woke up today, the whole place was covered with a sheet of ice.  Like the Disney movie “Frozen.”  Except, in real life, it is far more dangerous with less than happy endings.

The SRC are gong-ho runners.  Even so, we chose to be safe and canceled our weekly run for this morning. And that turned out to be the correct decision.  Because many other people were out on the roads in spite of the warning. And their results were not pretty.  For example,

  • On the major interstate (I-95) that connects New York, Baltimore, and Washington DC, 55-car pileup near Baltimore, 2 dead
  • A tanker truck fell off an Interstate I-95 bridge and exploded
  • and many more

And guess what?  The worst part is that the winter is not officially here until the following week.

When stuck indoor, how do you keep yourself occupied?

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2 Responses to “Frozen” In Washington

  1. Wow. I hope that mess doesn’t hit Georgia. You know how terrible we are at dealing with snow and ice. 😂


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