Needs Unmet?

Psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized that there are five levels of needs for human.  Below is my Reader’s Digest version:

  1. Survival (the most basic human need)
  2. Security (against external threats)
  3. Social (or relational affiliation and support)
  4. Self-worth (or respect from one’s achievement or value created), and
  5. Self actualization (be what you want to be, the last and highest level)

And people move from the lower level needs, when satisfied, to higher level needs. For example, if the air is sucked out of the room, people would focus on survival and not be interested in security, relationship, or other higher level of needs.

As such, people work to put food on the table and roof over their heads, pay their bills (including the internet and smart phone), etc.  Basic but essential needs.  On the other hand, the needs, if unmet, would be our motivations or drivers.  Donald Trump recognized the unsatisfied needs of his voters and tapped that as his campaign strategy.

By extension, more established individuals would be aftering their yet to satisfied, or higher level, needs like self worth and self actualization. This is how president-elect Trump picks his Cabinet members and perhaps for his presidency.

How can your product or service be there in time to meet your customer’s needs?

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