Clarifying Expectation?

“Let me be clear . . .” is one of more famous lead-in emphases used by President Barack Obama.

Understandably so.  His words and expectations have high policy impact.

Clarifying expectation applies to average folks as well.  But it is a double edged sword. When it comes to human behaviors, not all expectations are easy to spell out nor is it good for all relationships to be so explicit.

Take workplace as an example.  Some work content, working environment, etc. are easier to quantify.  Even so, 100 percent clarity in expectation is only possible with machine work and not human performance.  Because human are different.

We are relational with feeling.  Our roles and relationships evolve depend on circumstances.  More complex the relationship, more rooms for differences and trust are required.  For example how do you clarify love?

When is clarifying expectation not appropriate in relationship? 

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