Lost And Found

Johanna Rosberg in her article titled, Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself; It’s About Creating Yourself . . . talked about the detours in life we all face at times AND, more importantly, how to get back on track.

I find her article fascinating for several reasons.  One, she cites one of my favorites, Henry David Thoreau. And two, the idea of being proactive to create the life you want just resonates with me.

You see, life isn’t static nor easy.  You will fall, despair, love, hate, etc.  Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise.  So the determining factor of a meaningful life is really this – How do we get back on our feet after we fall, despair, love, hate, etc.

Instead of looking outwards & elsewhere for help, our imagination within us can serve as our compass.  As Johanna wrote,

If you can make it happen in your mind, you can make it happen in life. All you need to do is figure out exactly what you want, see it before your mind’s eye and then let it come to you.

Indeed, we are in control our life.  If never lost, never found. Go ahead & be adventurous.

How much you enjoy the life you have? Want a new one?

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