Week(s) In Review – 30 Dec 2016

Timing of this posting is atypical.

Instead of reviewing a week’s postings and publishing on that Sunday like I typically do, it will cover two weeks of postings on the account that last Sunday was Christmas and this Sunday will be New year.

Around year end, I get a bit nostalgic.  Many of my postings in the past two weeks were reflective.  Some were about self, more specifically self development (Needs Unmet, Idol Hands Are Devil’s Workshop? Lost and Found).  Others were about relationship (Clarifying ExpectationReblog: Why Is It Not Always Good To Be So Responsible).

Then the subjects of Big Data (People You May Know) and media/politics (Russian HackFake News – Real Consequences) are my perennial favorites.  Expect to see more in the coming year.  And of course there were the three seasonal topics: Happy HolidaysChristmas Eve, Hanging Out (With Self) as well.

Lastly, many thanks to the comments and supports I received.  It has been a good run. Let’s make the 2017 even better.

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