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On Being Productive

  You and I have something in common.   Yes indeed.  Even at opposite ends of the world, both of us have same amount of time each day. No surprise here. But how each of us utilizes our time sets … Continue reading

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Are Social Media Legit?

Social media was born two decades ago.  Now, they are everywhere, serving as the veins of social networking and information. They even helped Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Whether latest buzz, breaking news, or weather reports, chances are social … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 29 Jan 2017

Going over my posts this week, none of them are  about politics.  In fact the media has had enough coverage on the new president to kill a horse.  Overboard if you ask me.  After all the world does not revolve … Continue reading

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Feel Dumb & Left Behind?

Excuse me.  Web 2.0, emacs, industry 4.0, B2C, and @*#$. . . What the heck?  Where do these terms come from? Have I fallen into a hole and missed something? Or perhaps someone should just shoot me and get it … Continue reading

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How You Feel (About Winter)?

The air in the room gives me goosebumps.  The sound from the corner vent signals the heater’s feeble attempt to blow more warmth into the room.  I am reaching for my hooded sweater.  Maybe the heater’s losing its steam. But … Continue reading

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Call Me Heartless

  Two sides of our brain: the right is for creativity and the left for logic.  I have both the last time I checked, but I swear my left brain crowds out my right most of the time.  Why do … Continue reading

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What Makes Life Worth Living?

Answers (to the question) vary for everyone. But key is to know your answer. The answer that makes all the difference. The answer that provides meaning. The answer that matters. And only you can find the answer. Do you have … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year

  Don’t know about you, but I am trumped out on news about President Trump. Yes-siree!  The media has been quite over the top in the past couple of days. Especially when the “news” aren’t real news. For instance, who … Continue reading

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Honoring Self

Drink more water. Eat more fish. Practice more yoga. How do you honor yourself?

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Week In Review – 22 Jan 2017

Finally, the noise and crowd have dissipated.  The week long of fanfare and hoopla around the presidential inaugural is thankfully behind us.  President Trump is maintaining his brand of unpredictability & destabilizing negotiation style throughout the shindig. Unpredictable. He continues … Continue reading

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