New Year – What Difference A Thought Makes

Our mind, or more precisely what we choose to focus our mind, shapes our perception, and often our reality.

On New Year’s Eve before the clock struck midnight, the conversations around the room had a nostalgic tone, oh boy, how fast has the time gone. Or a sense of urgency, gee really need to get on with that important project.

Merely a couple of minutes later, on the New Year’s Day, the mood shifted.  It was more hopeful as if an amnesty has been granted – another 365 days of opportunities.  Kinda reminded me thsoe school days that doesn’t how bad my grades were, a new school term always reset the slate clean for me.

What changed in a few minutes?  Nothing visibly.  But in our mind’s eye that 2016 is gone, it is history, and a brand new year awaits.

How different was your outlook or perspective acrossed the New Year? Any big revelation?

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5 Responses to New Year – What Difference A Thought Makes

  1. 2 weeks ago I was thinking about how interesting is that every year, towards the end of it, we think of new projects and if we are about to take on a new one, we wait till the next year. It was my case, I’ve been putting together a new project and for no apparent or logical reason, other than 2016 was about to end, I was gonna wait 2 weeks to start. Then I decided to not wait and just start right away. On NYE my resolutions were only to keep on doing what I had started.
    I hope I made sense lol
    Have a great 2017


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