First Day of Many

Since the New Year was on a Sunday, the following Monday (2 January) was a U.S. holiday.  By extension, today, 3 January, is the first day for many American in the new year, such as:

  • first day back to school
  • first day return to work
  • first day of the 115th Congress

On the last bullet, the 115th Congress, the Republican Party holds a majority in both houses of the Congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives).  And, in less than three weeks, when President-elect Trump gets inaugurated, the Republican will add the White House to their list as well.

So needless to say that today is an important day for the Republicans.  But just as important, it is the first day for the Congress which includes the Democratic Party and the rest of the country.

What awaits will affect all of us.

How was your “first” day?

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