A Date With Self

More specifically, a date with my pillow to be exact.

Understandably new year resolutions is a popular this time of the year.  Spoil alert – I don’t have one.  But I do have some ideas.

One of which, in the eliminating bad habit category, is to sleep better.  By that I mean quality sleep and awake refreshed.  Sounds simple, isn’t it?  A rare treat for me.

You see, I wake up frequently in the middle of the night.  Bathroom call, kitchen call, etc. If only I get a nickel each time waking up I would be rich.  Tired but richer.

In case you are wondering, my sleep environment is not the problem.  Living on a quiet street in a mature neighborhood, I can’t blame others for noise or other distractions.  And I have a nice comfy bed.

What keeps me awake is the noise within my head.  The noise may suggest getting some snacks, checking on email updates or phone notifications, or anything other than staying in bed.

To eliminate that noise, I decide to take my sleep more seriously. Like going on a date. I will prepare myself mentally by focusing on the right state of mind (e.g. a date with my pillow) and physically by being consistent in developing good routines (e.g. regular bedtime).

How aware are you with your bedtime routines?

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