Seizing The Moment?

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Action has appeals.  No matter business or personal consideration, seize the moment is where rubber meets the road, where true competition happens.  Right?  It appears so if you listen to all the buzz.

Yes, according Abraham Maslow that satisfied needs no longer motivate nor drive behavior. And yes, the same can be said about missed moments.  With information at everyone’s finger tip now-a-day, one would assump speed is the key.  First to act, to announce, or to land or whatever has its magical appeal.

But there is more to what meets the eyes.  The ducks may look casual above the water but are actually paddling like mad underneath.  The solution is not just act quickly, although that helps. Act quickly with the right decision in the right moment is where it is at.

To know what the right decision is takes planning.  Yes planning, the easy to dismiss but critical step to seizing the moment. Who needs planning? The answer is everyone.  Without a plan, one is lost, twice as fast.

Furthermore, without a plan it is difficult to put out fire while remaining focused on your top priority.  On the other hand, if prepared with a plan, when opportunity knocks, it is easier to jump on it.

What is your new year plan?  Don’t have one yet? Try the A-B-C method: A = where you are, B = where you want to be, and C = by when. Then fill in the blanks.

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3 Responses to Seizing The Moment?

  1. I like that ABC method. I’ve never heard of that before. The problem with plans -for me- is sometimes I get too caught up in planning that it keeps me from taking action.


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