Lessons Learned

Remembering the first time?  Be it on a job, at a school, or in a relationship, the anxiety of not knowing what to expect had us on our toes.  Constantly on the lookout, it was not what I call relaxing.

Now fast forward to “expert” status.  You are on top of your game – things are under control and humming smoothly.  People seek you out for advices and guidances.  Not only everything is easier, you are more relaxed.

Call it learning curve, experience factor, or lessons learned, the process takes time and lots of doing, and learning.  But eventually it happens.

For me, the biggest lesson learned was to trust myself.  Certainly I have made my share of mistakes but that was how experience is gained.  Bit by bit, trusting myself became instinctual.  When in doubt, my gut out ranked my brain.

And as a corollary, when I get too righteous, when I am so sure that I am right, I am usually wrong.  Live & learn.

What has your experience been like?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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