Compassion & Generosity

Compassion & generosity are two traits I admire in others (like Mother Teresa) and love to develop for myself.

Compassion is kindness towards others without judgement.  Generosity is providing to others without expectation of anything in return.  Both are relational and require a big heart on the part of the giver.

You see, being kind towards others is easy to me; that part of without judgement is hard.  I have a tendency to judge or, dare I say, criticize, so to allow myself the justification to be kind to the other person.  This “kindness” is superficial and not real compassion.

Similarly,  providing to others is easy to me, but without expectation of anything in return is hard.  I don’t mind toil myself or sacrifice my material belongings.  But how about at least a little recognition in return?  This is selfish and not real generosity.

I know Mother Teresa, her holiness, I will never be.  But I nevertheless want to give compassion & generosity a try.

What would you recommend on developing one’s compassion or generosity?

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