Yearning Of A Simpler Life

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Fellow blogger & poet, Claire Griffin shared on my post, Hanging Out With Self, the following comments:

 . . . indulge in quiet times and writing and reading and looking out the window dreaming of alternative lives and reveling in laziness.

Her words was about how she hangs out with herself, but they evoked a yearning in my mind’s eyes for a simpler life.  I don’t think I know how to revel in laziness.  Something I have yet to master.

Daily distractions have me toiled in busy work: reading social media littered with fake news, worrying about President-elect Trump insofar as what he will tweet next, or just running around in circles.  Enough already, I say.

The world, technologies, and others can go as fast as they want.  Knock themselves out. But I am getting off this merry-go-round.  So I can have my simpler life and do what Claire says.

Have you thought of an alternative live?

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