This Merry-Go-Round Life?

Multi-tasking . . . 24/7 connect . . .  instant on . . . examples of our crazy merry-go-round live. Why do we subject ourselves to such suffering?

Is it greed?  That we just want more?  More food, more fun, more furniture, more & insatiably more?

Or is it insecurity?  That we trade quality for quantity.  Chasing the wrong dream & mistaken material possessions for spiritual wealth?

Don’t we know that the noise and distraction of this life style if persisted not only stress our life but also shorten it?  Why then do we do it?

The answer comes from within.  To each’s own dilemma, everyone copes differently.  But to find the balance that works, it starts with awareness. The problem seems that there is just never enough time.

How do you find peace and balance?

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