Week In Review – 15 Jan 2017

Without a doubt, social media has become an integral & vital part of our society.  Its roles as sources of our news, supports, and updates are undeniable.

However, along with its utilities, the proper use of the social media as forms of social discourse remains a concern (fake news being a case in point) for many. Myself included.

Like anything else, the social media has its pros and cons.

Just this week, two of my posts, Yearning of a Simpler Life and Horizontal Mediation, are examples how I get inspired by others via the social media.  And perhaps a better known example would be Donald Trump, specifically how he mastered the social media during the U.S. Presidential campaign and earned himself a shot at leading the country.

How well do we harness the full potential of the social media is to be determined.  But it is no different from other human innovations like cars, computers, etc. As long as we remain the master instead of become the slave, the future looks promising.

Have a great week.


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2 Responses to Week In Review – 15 Jan 2017

  1. Exactly, Terry, we can’t let it control our lives despite how powerful as it it.


    • terryshen says:

      Yes, got to be vigilant on the social media, Elysha. It is transition time, but troublesome when our president-elect tweets confrontational messages that divide more than unite the nation.


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