Inaugural Week Madness

Dropped off my son to the airport yesterday, and the place was a zoo.  Apparently, lots of folks were coming to Washington for the festivity starting tomorrow (Wednesday) through Saturday with Friday being the main event, the U.S. Presidential Inauguration.

The chaos at the airport reminds me of the stereotypical wedding party – lots of guests, loose ends, the stresses and excitements all wrapped in one.  And when it is done, everyone is glad that it is over.  Well, maybe not everyone.

Not the Democrats. Nor anybody who voted against Mr. Trump during the past November general election. After all it has been only a little over two months.  People are still seething with the election outcome.

But adding to the long list are key personnel hiccups on the new administration team that are far more telling.  Here are two cases.

Not Walter Shaub Jr, Director of the Office of Government Ethics.  Mr. Shaub is responsible to make sure that Trump and his Cabinet are clear of ethical concerns, namely financial conflict of interests.  And this effort is not going so well.

Not James Mattis, the retired Marine Corps General and Donald Trump’s pick for defense secretary. Instead of be a counter balance to the president-elect, Gen. Mattis was “benched” by the President-elect from attending a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee. Ouch!

And there are more from this frantic week.  But you get the picture.

Certainly everyone wants happy marriage.  But making it happen requires efforts.  In this case, the onerous is on the new administration’s shoulders who will start in three short days.  Let’s hope the rocky starts this week are just bumps in the road leading to a long lasting honeymoon.

What is your prediction on the Trump administration honeymoon?

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