Trump – The Change Agent

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Tomorrow, 20 January 2017, America will have a new president, Donald J. Trump.  And Mr. Trump has promised to “bringing change to Washington.”

This is exciting on many levels.  Foremost, the peaceful transition of democratic power symbolizes the collective value we hold in the political systems we have.  Granted the path to the White House has been difficult for the past year and half.  But the outcome proves that American believe the change is worth it.

Mr. Trump will be that change agent.  It will be the first time for him to serve as a public employee, let alone the President.  Surely in the days, weeks, or months ahead, there will be learning for Mr. Trump about the public service and vice versa.  Even thought parts of the transition could be steep, the prospect of change is nevertheless exciting.

What do you think is the probability of success for Mr. Trump’s 100-day action plan?



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