Chinese New Year

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Don’t know about you, but I am trumped out on news about President Trump. Yes-siree!  The media has been quite over the top in the past couple of days.

Especially when the “news” aren’t real news. For instance, who cares if Trump thinks he had the largest attendance at his inaugural or he believes he would have won the popular vote at the general election if it weren’t for the illegal voters.

There got to be more pressing issues for the President to be concerned about, right?

So for a change of taste, I will include a topic that is significant and culturally redeeming – the Chinese New Year.

Yes, the Chinese New Year will arrive, according to my calendar, in three days, on Saturday January 28.

And this time it will be the year of the rooster. Why is this important you may ask?   Well, among other things, the holiday covers 1/5 of the world’s population and involves 200 million of mainland Chinese on the move during the holiday (more than doubled the U.S. Christmas travel volume).

Chances are you won’t find sales for the Chinese New Year. But if you are free this Saturday and have a Chinatown nearby why not check out the festivities.  Or alternatively, go to a local Chinese restaurant, if that is an easier option.

Click here for more fun facts about the Chinese New Year.

How would you celebrate the Chinese New Year?


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