Call Me Heartless

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Two sides of our brain: the right is for creativity and the left for logic.  I have both the last time I checked, but I swear my left brain crowds out my right most of the time.  Why do I say that?

Take for example the question of what is my favorite color?  Simple question you would think, but it takes me a long time to answer.  I would have to think about it.  Is the question about my clothing choices? the exterior of the car I like to drive?  Or the flavor of my favor ice cream, so on.

And worse yet if you were a panhandler.  Because, I believe giving money to panhandlers would only contribute to their dependency on others.  So nada. Again, my left brain would argue louder than my right.

Trouble is that I also believe in concepts like compassion and gratitude.  Where do they fall? Left brain? Or right? Somewhere else completely?

When do you use your heart versus your head?

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2 Responses to Call Me Heartless

  1. I tend to listen to my head more than my heart, but when I’m listening deeply it comes from the soul.

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    • terryshen says:

      Good point, Elysha. There are many levels of listening. By listening deeply, you are paying attention to not only the infomational content but also the emotional and/or spiritual aspects as well.


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