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Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Wondering about your purpose in life?  Where will you be in 5 years?  These kinds of questions used to put me on pins and needles when asked.  Because I didn’t have an answer.  And I did not want to appear … Continue reading

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On Fear

  Fear is common that anyone beyond child innocence can relate to it.  However, fear’s grip is debilitating – whether worrying, nervousness, or something more personal that can sabotage our lives with impunity.  Even just the thought of it could knock … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 26 Feb 2017

With the exceptions of the wintry gust and Fat Tuesday, February is almost over. This week’s reblog of  Being vs Doing reminds me the yin-and-yang of life.  Fellow blogger and healer Kayla Arrory hits the nail on the head.  Her insights … Continue reading

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Why Aspire Marathon Again?

I have signed up for the 2017 Aspire Harrisburg marathon.  This marathon is where I injured my foot last year and did not finish for the first time.  This year, the marathon will be 12 Nov 2017 and my second … Continue reading

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What’s Next In America, Censorship?

  White House today blocks CNN, New York Times, LA Times, and other news media from its press briefing (full report in link below). It is one thing for the president to disparage whomever disagrees with him but to retaliate … Continue reading

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The Weakened Majority?

Two years ago, top 1% of the richest people own 50% of the world’s wealth (Fortune Magazine).  Guess what?  In measly two years, the wealth inequality has degenerated to just eight (8) people.  Yes, 8 people now own 50% of … Continue reading

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True Colors of Emotions

  Few people complains about emotions which are positive.  The ones you get on your promotion, wedding, birth of your child, etc.  It is the flip side, the so called negative emotions or emotional pains that nobody wants to deal with. Truth … Continue reading

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Shorter Attention Span?

Learned a new phrase today –  tl,dr.  An internet vernacular for too long; did not read. Maybe you already know the term.  But for me it was a bit annoying.   Being not familiar with this term, I had to look … Continue reading

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Reblog: Being Vs Doing

“It’s important to note here that “being” and “doing” are not exclusive states. . .” Very true. When I run with my heart rate monitor, I am doing as well as being. This is an excellent article on the subjects. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 19 Feb 2017

It’s mid February.  Romance is in the air. Ah must be Valentines day.  Even though the commercialism surrounding this day was contrived and overwhelming, the spirit of the Valentines day is nevertheless acknowledged. Without a doubt, in America capitalism reigns. … Continue reading

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