Who Cares About Details?

Confession – I was never much a detail person.  Never balanced my checkbook.  Hated accounting class where the numbers must balance on either sides of the ledger.  In a nutshell, details and I parted company as long as I can remember.

But lately, that relationship changed.

I noticed what moves me, be it a small scene in a romantic movie that hints at the intimacy of its characters, a pause in a solo musical that tucks on the heart strings of its listeners, or a brief narrative in a novel that clinches the mood of its readers, are the details.

The details make a difference.  As Yo-Yo Ma, the cellist, famously share, “music happens between the notes . . .”  The finesses of life are in the details.  And imaging that I had missed them all these time!

Why the change?  You may be wondering.  All I can say is when looking into the mirror, I see the same me but with gray around my hairs and wrinkles around my eyes. Maybe, and just maybe the life has its way of teaching me.

How has life changed you?


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