Make An Offer


Make an offer, my friend suggests.  What? If it’s that obvious, how come I can’t see it?  I blur out a confession, not a denial.

You see, I am an introvert.

Mulling over details, weighing various alternatives, even constructing complex argument, no problem, except I do it all in private.  I am not one to think out-loud, like babbling without idea or plan, or something.  How disgusting!

Ask me to build the world’s tallest building, grandest cathedral, or longest bridge, I may not have all the details figured out, but at least what I am thinking will make sense (at least to me). But to others, I am just a quiet guy.  A shy person, they may say.

After all, my friend is right.  However compelling my idea may be, without making it explicit, no one would know how brilliant it is, let alone supporting it.  Why anyone would pick me out of the blue?  Because I’ve made no expressed offer.

What is your offer?

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