Week In Review – 05 Feb 2017

Another week of introspection.  I poked fun at my INTJ personality, about my introversion and lack attention to details.  Some may view them as weakness, but I don’t.  They are only preferences and part of my make up.

But interestingly, who we are do affect how we communicate.  A subtle but often overlooked point (myself included).   Given how diverse people are, I can only imaging the challenge at the White House for this new administration.

Understand that it has only been two weeks since President Trump’s inaugural.  So much to do and yet so much to learn.  No doubt, the new president wants to make an impact. But how he goes about it, including using the social media, matters.

Have a great week.


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2 Responses to Week In Review – 05 Feb 2017

  1. Those personality tests are fun. They remind me of reading a horoscope.


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