Late Afternoon Energizer?

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Late afternoon is my most unproductive time of the day.  It is my “low battery” stage.

Imaging, lunch was a distant past, but dinner is nowhere in sight – the dreaded “late afternoon” hump.  Yes, I do take a afternoon snack break.  But the added calories just will not tide me over.

Like a zombie. I drag myself around during that period with eyes half shut, empty skull, and a five o’clock shadow way past due.  If there were a couch, I would be spread eagle and out like a light.

Whatever I try would be futile.  If I were reading, it would be a slow struggle, sometime on the same page for the longest time.  If I were working in front of a computer, I would be lucky if the screensaver does not take over.

How frustrating just the thought of it!

What is your pick-me-upper strategy?

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2 Responses to Late Afternoon Energizer?

  1. Stills, Words, and Motion says:

    In my previous life in corporate creative I relied on tangerines. The burst of citrus would wake me up immediately. Now, it’s pink grapefruit.


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