Why I Love Yoga – The Corpse Pose

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Every yoga practice has, regardless how much or little I sweated, a pose at the end called corpse pose or savasana ( (shah-VAHS-uh-nuh) in Sanskrit.

It is the final relaxation pose where yogi’s mind and body come together in celebrating the practice.  The corpse pose happens to be my favorite because 1. I do it well, 2. it’s the end of the practice, and 3. it provides instant gratification.

The pose consists of lying one’s back flat on the mat, legs straight and hands relaxed to the sides like a corpse (as its name suggests). No handstand inversion, no super-flexible bending, nor high impact cardio – a pose at a level even I can handle it well.

Being the final pose, the savasana signifies the end of the practice, however difficult or easy it was.  The finality punctuates the overall experience and making it special. Imaging if everyday is a party and every meal is a banquet, life would be boring.

Best of all, as I lie there, eyes closed, I can sense my pulse easing, breath returning to normal, and mind awaken.  The savasana allows me to take stock of myself and prepare me for the rest of my day.  What an awesome finish!

Have you tried yoga? 

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2 Responses to Why I Love Yoga – The Corpse Pose

  1. Stills, Words, and Motion says:

    It’s one of my favorites, also. It brings everything to a satisfactory conclusion.


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